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Knitted Agricultural Nets

Strict control of water quality, strict selection of pure pigments and masterbatches, anti-UV additives, high tensile strength per denier, exclusive shaping and anti-shrinking technology, the mesh is not easy to release yarn after cutting to make it easy to set up and saving labor cost.

Knitted agricultural nets are plastic nets made using the Raschel method of weaving and can be used for agricultural windbreaks, shading, anti-bird, insect control, etc. They are an enhanced version of the ribbed agricultural weaving nets.

HunKunNet of brand knitted agricultural nets are developed to meet the indeed of the environment in the subtropical zone where there are many typhoons that are prone to natural disasters and agricultural damage, and its products have been proven in the field over the years, and have always been the best partner for reinforced nets, and customers have a good reputation for them.


HunkunNET knitted agricultural nets besides that use 100% HDPE as the pure and genuine raw material, but also strictly filter RO water quality to emphasize the uniformity of plastic crystal and the tensile strength per denier and adopted the exclusive special anti-shrinkage technology, which not only can greatly reduce the phenomenon that the selvage edge is easy to curly and difficult to be constructed after the weaving nets has been cutting, but also can greatly reduce the disadvantage of the knitted mesh's shrinkage of the weaving nets As long as the structure of the mesh allows for the heat shrink is at the lower limit of the plastic, the durability of the nettings itself is a guarantee of quality.

The specifications of the knitted agricultural nets of Hun-Kun Enterprise Co., Ltd. are completely, with triangular or quadrangular apertures; the warp yarns can be fixed at 6 or 9 pins per inch, and the weft yarns can be multi-needle to strengthen the mesh organization structure, in order to provide the choices for different demand of the agricultural textile industry. The production process can include small amount production with short lead time without warping, or bulk order production with direct warping, making it the best supplier partner for wholesalers.

RA Knit Net

Knitted Agricultural Net

Shape Shrinkage Prevention Mesh

Knitted Shading Mesh

01RA Knit Net

RA Knit Net
RN Knotted Knit Net

Knitted Agricultural Net

Knotted Knit Net

HunkunNET Bagel Net

02RN Knotted Knit Net

RN Knotted Knit Net
RR Knitted Fruit Fly Net

Knitted Agricultural Net

Knitted Fruit Fly Net

Panda Knitting Net

03RR Knitted Fruit Fly Net

RR Knitted Fruit Fly Net
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