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Thermal Bonding Pleated Window Screen

Pleated window screen mesh's warp and weft yarn are by thermal bonding, mesh stability does not loose, anti-mosquito effect is good, easy to clean and not easy to hide dirt, composite yarn one-stop production lead time is short, good quality and reasonable price.

Thermal bonding pleated window screen warp and weft yarn by hot melt adhesion is the uniqueness of Hun-Kun Company's screen of window mesh, from drawing, warping, weaving production process in one go, with the competitive advantage of good quality and reasonable price and short lead time, in strict to selected raw material and the use of double screw barrel synchronization to extrude the sheathe core composite yarn (sheathe core) to carry out the warp and weft adhesive for many years to provide the stiffness of the good quality and durable window screen for domestic and overseas. PP mesh is well received; it is widely used in rolled flat yarn window screens and invisible folded window screens, for one thing, due to the mesh adheres to the mesh and does not loose and has a good anti-mosquito effect, because it is a composite monofilament yarn that is easy to clean, unlike traditional composite monofilament yarn that is prone to harboring dirt and grime.

Recently, we have also focus on R&D PE adhesive flat mesh with better flatness for to using of rolled and flat yarn window screens; constant self-challenge to strive for excellence is the business philosophy and mission of HunkunNET nettings.

SC Adhesion Flat Window Screen (Net)

Sticky Flat Window Screen (Net)

Sheath Core Adhesion Net

Adhesive Flat Mesh

01SC Adhesion Flat Window Screen (Net)

SC Adhesion Flat Window Screen (Net)
SD Adhesion Pleated Window Screen

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02SD Adhesion Pleated Window Screen

SD Adhesion Pleated Window Screen
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