SC Adhesion Flat Window Screen (Net)


Material: Polyolefin Composite yarn

Color: Black, Silver

Size: Width: 0.6M ~ 4.8M,Mesh 20 x 20 / inch


  1. Fixed shape treatment, mesh is not loosen.
  2. Environmentally friendly material, no secondary pollution.
  3. Durable and non-embrittlement.
  4. Non-sizing treatment, washable.
  5. High tensile strength and high resilience.
  6. Non-softenable and non-deformable.
  7. Good ventilation with perspective and wide view of vision.
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Sheath core material SHEATH AND CORE is a kind of sheath core adhesive net successfully developed by Hun-Kun Enterprise Co., Ltd. and ITRI, the finished product name is adhesive flat net SC2020, adhesive folding net SD0019, SD0020, excellent quality, tough and durable, the HunkunNET brand of adhesive screens and window nets are supplied to the major brands of industrial buildings with window screens for more than 30 years already.


With the air pollution is becoming more and more serious, open the window to meet the face is no longer a breeze, but the dust, so must install screens to isolate the dirty air, so Hun-Kun Enterprise CO., Ltd. specially developed 20 mesh adhesive screens SC2020, Warp and Weft yarn adhesive fixed, flat and delicate, the special Sheath Core of the wrapping adhesive workmanship, the quality of the more refined more lightweight and durable, can be effective in preventing mosquitoes and bugs, reduce dust, ventilation is good, the degree of transparency is good, the HunkunNET brand of adhesive screens SC2020 is the boutique in the various screen mesh.

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Plastic woven into a net, there must be two yarns, round or flat yarn, one of which is said to be warp yarn, the other is said to be weft yarn, warp yarn weft yarn overlap up and down is said to be plain weave, warp yarn weft yarn across the hook is said to be knitted, warp yarn weft yarn fused and stuck together is said to be adhered nets. A yarn covering core said sheath core ( Sheath and core ), two materials and adhesive layer completely fused said co-extrusion. The so-called expert is a hundred smelting steel can be rolled around the fingers, a hundred shots, and Hun-Kun company is a variety of plastic woven netting experts, HunkunNET brand's Hun-Kun net in the textile industry has been well known in the domestic and overseas.

Walking to a water-poor place, sit and watch the clouds rise. The road is infinite width, sticky net is not only limited to the application of screen window net, can also be used as a cooling insulation net or other applications, it's depends on the operator's smart decision.

SC Sticky Flat Window Screen (Net)
Product No. SC2020
Size Length: 30m or customized
Width: 0.6-4.8 m
Color Black, Silver
Shading rate -
  1. Environmentally friendly material, no secondary pollution.
  2. Durable and non-embrittlement.
  3. Non-sizing treatment, washable.
  4. High tensile strength and high resilience.
  5. Non-softenable and non-deformable.
  6. Good ventilation with perspective and wide view of vision.

SC Adhesion Flat Window Screen|Mosquito Window Screen|HunKun
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