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Composite Adhesive Mesh

By taking advantage of the difference in material structure between the surface layer and the inner layer of flat or round yarns, the hot melt adhesive farm netting has the advantages of having solid and fixed fused nodes, and the mesh does not loose which can be applied to the netting products that do not require high mesh density.

Under the current situation of increasing global warming and energy shortage, it is the responsibility of the state and individuals to implement energy saving and carbon reduction to achieve environmental sustainability without delay. Are you looking for a lightweight, easy-to-apply, durable sunshade fabric that won't loose from the mesh? HunkunNET Flat Yarn Composite Adhesive Mesh will be your best choice.

HunkunNET brand flat yarn adhesive net has the shading effect of sunshade net, also has the function of blocking energy diffusion, so that the shelter inside the net can get a milder shading effect, not loose from the small pores on the mesh can be evaporated water discharge, will not be condensed into water droplets dripping down; if used in greenhouse cultivation, it can resist the damage of radioactivity to the plants and reduce the heat of the greenhouse, the texture of the lightweight, elegant and tough and can be resistant to UV rays.

Flat Yarn Adhesive Mesh is not only suitable for greenhouse planting, but also can be used to cover agricultural equipment hangars and for drainage when cultivating flowers, which is a multi-functional plastic mesh for diverse use.

Flat Yarn Adhesive Composite Mesh of Hunkun Enterprise Co.,Ltd. adopts the composite yarn drawing and melting technology, so that the mesh of flat yarn plastic mesh with different demand and mesh densities can be adhered to the mesh in a stable and not loose manner. Whether it is round or flat yarn, Hun-Kun has the unique composite yarn drawing and weaving and bonding technology, which can meet the demands of customers for different purposes and sizes. The colors of flat yarn adhesive mesh are transparent, silver, black with silver and milky white.


  1. The mesh bonding and stays in place.
  2. Breathable
  3. Anti-fog
  4. drip-proof water

HunkunNET brand products, whether it is ribbed weaving nets, plain weaving, nettings , knitting mesh, adhesive mesh, composite yarn adhesive mesh or functional insect-proof net, functional screen window mesh or round yarn, flat yarn interwoven into various types of plastic net, the technology can be said to be sophisticated and profound has reached the realm of the pure gold. Coupled with the strict selection of raw materials, the use of reverse osmosis clean water quality. The quality of our products is second to none, and we are the leader in the textile industry. Tensile strength and durability are among the best in the plastic weaving industry.

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