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One-stop production and customized service

Monofilament round ,flat, or even composite yarns, plain, ribbed, or knitted weaving, bonded shaped folds, etc...
With a wide range of combinations, VANCOUVER has the technical know-how to meet the needs of our customers!

Research and Development & Design|HunkunNET

Research and Development & Design

Strict Selection of Raw Materials|HunkunNET

Strict Selection of Raw Materials

Monofilament Extrusio|HunkunNET

Monofilament Extrusion

Wave Netting|HunkunNET

Wave Netting

Quality Inspection|HunkunNET

Quality Inspection

Package / Delivery|HunkunNET

Package / Delivery


Upgrading production facilities and insisting on the best quality

Professional equipment enhances efficiency and service quality, and creates a good working environment.

Consistent quality and high strength make the product more perfect and reliable.

  • 機器設備
  • 機器設備
  • 機器設備
  • 機器設備
Testing & CertificationTesting and Cerification

Top in the industry, many patents certified

Hun-kun company's brand, HunkunNET products, are strictly controlled in quality and the tensile strength is the highest standard in the industry, with many specialized patens.

HunkunNET #1 Netting Solution Since 1974