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Plain Weaving Agricultural Nets

We focus on the source of RO reverse osmosis water treatment. strict selection of pure pigments and masterbatches, anti-UV additives, high tensile strength per denier, and durable nets.

Plain weaving agricultural nets are made of HDPE material, which can be used for greenhouse and other agricultural purposes has many uses such as sun shading and sun protection, windproof, inner shade, pest control, hail prevention, weed control mat, etc. It is the most simple, fast, and convenient method of weaving.


  1. Special attention is paid to the selection of pure ingredients in the manufacturing process.
  2. RO reverse osmosis water purification to prevent calcium carbonate buildup in the machine and to emphasize crystal uniformity in the finished product.
  3. Use high quality color masterbatches and anti-UV additives to enhance the color fastness to light.
  4. Quality control to monitor the longitudinal tensile strength per denier weight, tuck in yarns edge for reinforcement and easy identification.
  5. Exclusive technology weaving shaping and prevents shrinkage.


Taking per inch of warp and weft yarn as the standard, we precise calculation of warp and weft mesh and strictly control the manufacturing process, and convert the price per square meter to other price per square foot, price per square meter, price per yard, or take 50 meters as the standard length, and provide the price per foot width size and other diversified quotation information, which is convenient for the domestic and overseas customers of different areas to request about the price of the communication.

HunkunNET, with the advantage of diversified manufacturing process, has been extracting flat yarns and round yarns by blown film machine in a fast and efficient way, and then spinning, extension multiple and collecting them, and controlling their extension multiples, and then warping them by direct warping machine, and then weaving them with the nations of the weaving machines from Switzerland and Japan, which have been accumulating the experience of supplying plain weaving nets to the agricultural textile industry for 50 years by 2024, and have been having the leading reputation in the market for its high levels and high quality for a long period of time.

If you are hesitate to look for suppliers and manufacturers of agricultural nets, Hun-kun Enterprise Co.,Ltd brand HunkunNET of Agricultural plain weaving Nets is the best choice for you to enter the product of plastic netting category, and you are smart to take action as soon as your heart is stirred.

FF Weed Control Mat

Weed Suppression Mat

Flat Weave Insect Screen

American Standard Pest Screen

01FF Weed Control Mat

FF Weed Control Mat
WA/WH Insect Net

Flat Weave Insect Screen

Insect Repellent Plastic Mesh

Plastic mesh for sunshade and pest control

02WA/WH Insect Net

WA/WH Insect Net
WB The US-Specific Orchid Garden Water Wall Net

American Standard Pest Screen

American Standard Waterwall Mesh

Water Wall Pest Screen

03WB The US-Specific Orchid Garden Water Wall Net

WB The US-Specific Orchid Garden Water Wall Net
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