WB The US-Specific Orchid Garden Water Wall Net


Material: PE monofilament

Color: Silver

Size: 34 x 32 mesh,Width 14 feet,Length 50M

Features: Silver color has insect repellent effect

Block the sun
Block the wind
Cool down
Heat insulation
Sun Protection
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The mesh of American Standard Pest Control Net is small, which can be used in orchard water wall to prevent very small pests from entering the greenhouse and reduce the invasion of germs; the silver color of the net has a certain degree of insect repellent effect.


In addition to the requirements of the growing season, orchids also need to go through the appropriate environmental control for soil, humidity, temperature, watering, etc. Therefore, most of the orchids in Taiwan are cultivated in greenhouses; HunKun Company, in order to protect the orchids, has specially manufactured various types of nets to be used in greenhouse orchid gardens. The American Orchid Garden Water Wall Nets (Orchid Nets) are suitable for use in the peripheral area of the water wall of the greenhouses, and orchid gardens can be protected against pests by enclosing American Orchid Garden Water Wall Nets, and the color of the nets is silver to repel the pests with good results.

Mesh for orchid water wall is the best choice for orchid gardens because of its small mesh, which can be used for orchid water wall to prevent very small pests and reduce the invasion of germs, and the orchids in the greenhouse are protected by HunKun Mesh, and they bloom brightly.

Hunkun Enterprise's "HunkunNET" sunshade and insect-proof plastic net is a technology transfer from national research institutes in cooperation with industry, government, and academia. Through the cooperation between industry, government, and academia, HunkunNET has been trying to help farmers find solutions to satisfy different needs. Therefore, to satisfy all kinds of nets needed for orchid greenhouses at one time, so that Taiwan's reputation as the orchid king can continue to shine on the world stage, is a powerful driving force to support the orchid industry, which is also the significance and value of HunkunNET to protect orchids.

Suitable: Small mesh, used in orchard water wall, can prevent very small pests to reduce the invasion of germs.

Model Length 2 feet wide 3 feet wide 4 feet wide 5 feet wide 6 feet wide 7 feet wide 8 feet wide 10 feet wide 12 feet wide 14 feet wide
WB3432 50 M V
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