RN Knotted Knit Net

Model:RN6250/ RN6360/ RN9370/ RN9480

Material: PE monofilament

Weave: Knitting, RN grade

Color: Black, White, Green, Silver

Size: Width 4 feet ~ 16 feet, Length 30M

The knitted weaving is fixed shape, and the net body does not shrink, and it is easy to construct without rolling up. Good tensile strength and durability, can also be used as a windbreak.

Block the sun
Block the wind
Sun Protection
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For brand HunkunNET stereotype non-shrinking knitted shading net, warp and weft yarns are woven from monofilament, with good air permeability. The stereotype non-shrinking knitted nets are suitable for wind-break net, anti-insect net, anti-hail net, and sunshade netting etc. HunkunNET brand stereotype non-shrinking knitted shading net has a special manufacturing process by using high tensile strength monofilament yarn and strong tensile force of the net to provide longer lifetime. The shrinkage of stereotype non-shrinking knitted net is better than other ordinary knitted nets.


Brand HunkunNET Locked Knitted Mesh can be considered as the leading knitted mesh, which is woven from the warp & weft monofilaments and settled in the Locked Knitted Square Lattice, with a round yarn diameter of 0.25mm, and a shading rate of 50% (RN 6250), 60% (RN 6360), 70% (RN 9370), and 80% (RN 9480).


  • 100% Genuine New Material PE + UV Resistant
  • Lockstitch knitting, anti-brittle, UV resistant, weather resistant, strong tensile strength, abrasion resistant, tear resistant.
  • Depending on the specifications, it can be used for windproof, pest control, hailproof, dustproof, and light shielding.
  • No need to turn the fabric edge even if it is split into two pieces, the fabric edge is firm and durable, with shaping treatment, the mesh surface is flat and does not curl.

The shading rate of the Brand HunkunNET locking knitted mesh is selected according to the type of crops grown or adjusted according to the actual environmental needs:

Colors available in 4 colors: black, green, transparent, silver

  • Black: better shading rate, most suitable for agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry and aquaculture industry sun shading, light shading purposes.
  • Green: beautiful and cool, most suitable for pergolas, windbreaks and public places for shade and decoration.
  • Transparent color: high transmittance, breathable, reflective of ultraviolet rays, and resistant to cold, wind, frost, and dew. It can be used to promote photosynthesis in winter crops, protect against wind, and keep fishery plants and aquatic products warm, and its durability is beyond the reach of transparent knitted wire mesh available on the market.
  • Silver: the shade will not be too dark, will not absorb heat, will cool down the temperature, suitable for general gardening inside the shade or outside the shade or sun screen, a little light but not too bright.

The function of HunkunNET lock knitted mesh is widely used in agriculture, forestry, fishery, animal husbandry, and industry, which can be used for sunshade, windbreak, sunscreen, dustproof, frostproof, coldproof, good air permeability, and toughness and durability.


Such as net room sunshade, outdoor shade, fence net for chicken farm, tea net for tea plant, drying net for turmeric, etc., there are too many uses to be described in detail, so please use a little imagination or come to us for inquiry.


VANCOUVER only produces one type of HunkunNET knitting mesh, and the one that suits your needs is the best. Although everyone has different points of consideration, the functions required by HunkunNET knitting mesh are similar, which is the same in all areas. If you are lucky enough to have a HunkunNET knitting mesh, you are good luck to have a HunkunNET knitting mesh!

Model Shading Length 4 feet wide 6 feet wide 8 feet wide 10 feet wide 12 feet wide 14 feet wide 16 feet wide
RN6250 50% 30m V V V V V V V
RN6360 60% 30m V V V V V V V
RN9370 70% 30m V V V V V V V
RN9480 80% 30m V V V V V V V

RN Knotted Knit Net
Model RN6250、RN6360、RN9370、RN9480
Specification Length: 30M
Width: 1.2 M ~4.9M
Color White, Black, Green, Silver
Sun Shading 50%-80%
Advantages Sun protection, sun protection, wind protection
The knitted fabric has been shaped and processed, the mesh body does not shrink and does not roll inward, easy to set up and easy to construct. It is strong and durable, and can also be used as windbreaks and fences.
RN Knotted Knit Net|Greenhouse Shade Netting|HunKun
RN Knotted Knit Net|Agricultural Shade Netting|HunKun
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