RA Knit Net

Model:RA6250/ RA6360/ RA9370/ RA9480

Material: PE monofilament

Weave: Knitting, RN grade, RA grade

Color: Black, White, Green, Silver

Size: Width 1.8 M & 3.7 M, Length 30M

The Knitted weaving is fixed shape, and the net body does not shrink, and it is easy to construct without rolling up. Good strength and durability, can also be used as a windbreak net.

Block the sun
Block the wind
Sun Protection
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For brand HunkunNET stereotype non-shrinking knitted shading net, warp and weft yarns are woven from monofilament, with good air permeability. The stereotype non-shrinking knitted nets are suitable for wind-break net, anti-insect net, anti-hail net, and sunshade netting etc. HunkunNET stereotype non-shrinking knitted shading net has a special manufacturing process by using high tensile strength monofilament yarn and strong tensile force of the net to provide longer lifetime. The shrinkage of stereotype non-shrinking knitted net is better than other ordinary knitted nets.


A good start is half the battle. To capture the thief, capture the king first. Anyone who knows how to cook that the first thing is to choose the ingredients. The same applies to a manufacturing plant, where the selection of raw materials is of utmost importance. Raw material is one of the key points to a good product. Therefore, HunkunNET brand RA knitted net is made of 100% genuine new material with UV absorber, and the warp and weft yarns are made of round monofilament knitting. The wire diameter is 0.25 mm, the finished mesh is triangular in shape, and the shading rate (density) is divided into four types: 50 % (RA6250), 60 % (RA6360), 70 % (RA9370) and 80 % (RA9480). The colors are black and green. The black color of the knitted mesh is better than the green color in terms of shading. But to each his own, turnips and radishes have their own favorites.


  • • Brand HunkunNET RA Knitted Mesh has the advantages of good air permeability, durability, non-stuffiness and sunlight resistance.
  • With shaping and shrinkage prevention treatment, the shrinkage rate is small, the mesh does not stray, the yarn will not come off, and any holes can be mended by sewing, which will not cause waste of resources.
  • Depending on the specifications, it can be used for windproof, pest control, hailproof, dustproof, and light shielding.
  • Brand HunkunNET RA grade knitted blackout mesh is made by special process, using high strength monofilament, with strong tensile strength, good service life, excellent operability, and very wide range of applications.
  • It can be used in all directions. Such as greenhouse roof outside the shade, can also be used in pigsties, chicken houses, duck houses on the low wall of the protective net, and can also be laid on the ground on the mound to prevent dust flying.
  • It can also be used as a protective net on trucks to prevent goods from falling, or as a sunshade or partition curtain in parking lots, and so on.

Brand HunkunNET RA Knitting Nets are multi-purpose, multi-functional, multi-effective, allowing users to have the feeling of being a good helper. There are many people who love and support Brand HunkunNET RA Knitting Nets. Brand HunkunNET RA knitting mesh, no matter where it is used, the effect of its use has been significantly improved or fully meet the needs of customers, and even to create greater economic benefits countless. Its service life often exceeds the expected service life of 4 ~ 5 years, and some customers have even reported that it has been used for more than 10 years, and it is only a little bit broken. However, they are still able to continue to use, so the reputation of Brand HunkunNET RA Knitted Mesh is quite popular in the textile industry.

As a generalization, the entire manufacturing process of Brand HunkunNET Grade RA Knitted Mesh, from the strict selection of raw materials to the finished product, is under strict control, resulting in high quality products and short lead time.

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  6. Well worth the money.
Model Shading Length 4 feet wide 6 feet wide 8 feet wide 10 feet wide 12 feet wide 14 feet wide 16 feet wide
RA6250 50% 30m V V
RA6360 60% 30m V V
RA9370 70% 30m V V
RA9480 80% 30m V V

RA Knit Net
Model RA6250、RA6360、RA9370、RA9480
Specification Length: 30-1000 M
Width: 1.8 M & 3.7 M
Color Black, Green
Sun Shading 50%-80%
Advantages Sun protection, sun protection, windbreak.
The knitted weaving is fixed shape, and the net body does not shrink, and it is easy to construct without rolling up. Good strength and durability, can also be used as a windbreak.
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