DS Window Screen (Net)

Material: PE doubled yarn

Color: Silver, Bronze

Size: Width 2 feet ~ 6.0 feet ,Length 50 feet, 100 feet, Mesh 14 x 14 / inch

Features: doubled yarn strong and durable, completely anti-mosquito and anti-fly.

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Duplex window screen DS1414, it is the use of special duplex monofilament weaving, duplex flat yarn to strengthen the toughness, its advantages in addition to effective protection against mosquitoes and insects, but also can prevent the dust the mesh is not easy to loose, good stiffness, mesh uniformity, easy to clean, long durability period, there are HunkunNET of the brand quality to ensure that is also Hun-Kun Enterprise Co., Ltd. produces tenacity screen window mesh of the initial intention of the all mankind to keep a comfortable happy life space.


Taiwan's environment is humid and stuffy, may not be very comfortable for people, but for mosquitoes it is a comfortable breeding hotbed, so almost every household needs to install windows screens, but the general window screens are very fragile, easy to produce holes or spinning off caused by anti-mosquito effect is not good, Hun-Kun company for this shortcoming especially strengthen the toughness of the window screens, and the production of tough screens net.

HunkunNET brand duplex window screen, material is PE duplex yarn, there are many colors to choose from silver, bronze and coffee, width size 2 feet ~ 6 feet, standard length 100 feet or customized length, widely used in house or building screen window or screen door.

DS Window Screen (Net)
Product No. DS1414
Size Standard Length: 30 M or customized
Width: 0.6-1.8 M
Color Silver, Bronze
Shading rate -
Advantages Aesthetically pleasing, durable, and insect control
The window screen (net) can be set in with the door of the home which comes with both advantages of beautification and practicability. It can be customized for house windows and doors screens. Any windows and doors can be easily installed. It will not damage the structure of buildings windows and doors. The window screen (net) has the function to isolate dust and mosquitoes.
DS Mosquito for Window|Insect Screen Manufacturer|HunkunNET
DS Mosquito for Window|Insect Screen Supplier|HunKun
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