Q1 Is your shading net durable? We have compared the unit price from other company with yours, and its seems your products are more expensive. May we know why?

Our company always use brand new materials with high UV-resistance, excellent quality, and good weather-resistance. We have been in the business for 40 years. Our company policy is "Quality First, Priority Reputation".

As people said, you get what you pay for. Because our shading net used brand new material with better weather-resistance, high tensile strength, better pull strength and longer lifetime, hence It is more valuable for customers for consideration of long term use. If you buy the cheaper netting with short lifetime, it will be easily broken or torn apart which would need to be replaced or repaired again. Isn't that waste more money?

Q2 What is the functionality for shading net with loop?

Shading net with loop is used for mobile purpose, such as in swimming pool, kindergarten, landscape place, leisure place wherever are all suitable. It also depends on the weather and climate to adjust the way of use.

Q3 Flat gauze knitted netting and square knitted netting, which one is better?

Flat gauze knitted has high density and better shading rate, whereas square knitted netting has good ventilation function and strong toughness.

Q4 What is the best way to use the weed control mat? What is difference between milky and black weed control mat?

Firstly, to evaluate the field size then use bigger size of weed control mat to cover on the field. Secondly, use our ground fixer to fix it. There are two different lengths of ground fixer. One is 15 cm in length, and the other one is 25 cm in lenth. In fact, you can buy both sizes to interchange the use to ensure it can cover well all the ground then the weeds will not grow on it.

Milky weed control mat actually has better effectiveness than black weed control mat on the fruit plantation, whereas it can reduce weed growth and also reduce ground's heat absorption. Furthermore, the sunshine will reflect to the bottom of fruit to make the fruit color even an better appearance.

Q5 How about your Hun-kun Band (fixed belt)?

Our Hun-kun Band's width is 1.4 cm with length of 300 meters. It is soft for easy binding with good tensile strength.

Suitable for greenhouse of tunnel type or for stabilization of the plastic cloth greenhouse. It is very strong and durable.

Q6 What are the characteristics for hanging shading net?

For hanging shading net there are types of L17, L20, L90, ㄇ20, ㄇ33 and U20 whereas they all come with choice of three colors - blue, green or orange. It is colorful and bright with beautiful exterior and good ventilation. Suitable for leisure place, car wash, kindergarten, swimming pool, parking lot.

Q7 How many kind of PET Wire do you have? How to use them?

Our PET Wire is one of the hot sales products.
There are six different diameters of 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 3.5mm, 4.0mm and 5.0mm. It sells per kilogram. It depends on place area to choose the suitable diameter. The bigger place should use with thicker diameter. The purpose is to hang easily with good support. Please do not use iron wire or steel wire to hang it up. If you don't use the same material at use it will then get worn out easily.

Q8 Do you have white color anti-insect net?

Yes, there are three kinds of white color anti-insect net which are WA1616, WA2424 and WA3232 insect net.
WA1616 type and WA2424 type are used for vegetables plantation.


For papaya plantation, WA3232 type can be used to prevent aphid. Besides of the plain weaving insect nets, we also have white color of knitted anti-fly net or Leno weaving of Drosophila Net (Fly Screen) for choice.