Company Profile
HUN-KUN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. was founded by chairman Mr. Hun-Kun Kuo in 1974. We are a manufacturer specializing in various types of nets, such as agricultural, horticultural, construction and leisure plastic nets. The shading net product was once the forerunning trend in Taiwan. By adopting one-stop production, strict quality control, and innovative research and development, we have obtained many patent certifications for decades, and have been favored and recognized by the customers. As a result, HUN-KUN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. has become the leading company in plastic textile industry.

Since the company was established, we have taken continuously sustainable development as a guideline, and have also invested significantly in introducing the advanced machinery and equipment from Europe, the United States, Japan and other advancing countries, as we as carefully choose new raw materials to ensure product quality along with HUN-KUN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.'s good brand image and reputation.

Over the years, our products have been innovated through continuous researches and developments, such as folding screen net, knitted net, ribbed shading net, functional insect net, weed control mat, round flat yarn interwoven leisure net, multicolour hanging net, and hanging net with ear loop. Our products are widely used in agriculture, forestry, fishery and animal husbandry, etc.
Business Philosophy:

Practicality: the philosophy we have believed

Integrity and Responsibility: an attitude we have upheld

Innovation: the goal we have striven for excellence

Sustainability: the direction we have driven in

Core Value:

We always uphold the spirit of" original intention of drinking water, seeking truth from facts, quality first, reputation priority, innovation, driving improvement, upgrading, harmony and unity, conformity to assimilation, courtesy, gratitude ", and make unremitting efforts with a long-term view to the industry development.

Technology R & D:

In order to provide products with best quality, the company adopts machinery and equipment from local top manufacturers or from advancing countries. It has also obtained the technical assistance of research and development from national Industrial Research Institute and also from Japan industry's joint research and development strategic alliance. In a matter of fact, to meet customer's demand and satisfaction is the policy of company.

Why HunkunNET

"Only upstream water from the source of vital living spring can make the whole river extremely clear, with abundant blessing." - This is the principle and spirit which Hun-Kun has been carrying with and standing towering like a giant in the past 46 years.
Founder of HUN-KUN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD., Mr. Hun-Kun Kuo established this company by his own bare hands with faith, hope and love, to earth and heaven, to people and to our lands.
Founder Kuo is just like his name who is able to turn around the Qian Kun, to change negative energy to positive energy, to reverse impossibilities to possibilities. He empowered company with his glorious ambition and blessing by using 煥 (Hun) instead of 換 (Hun) which symbolizes the beginning of heaven and earth, and the sunrise at a powerful timing to nourish all living things, hence to create a whole new world.

Who is Hun-Kun

"He is Undoubtedly Nobel, a Knight of UNiverse." - Hun-Kun

Therefore, Hun-Kun also represents as a universal knight who constantly competes with the sun.

Because Taiwan is located in the subtropical zone with high temperature and strong sun light, all plantation needs the scientific technology of net shading with maximum growth in four seasons. In early company development stage, HunkunNET supported local farmers thoroughly and made Taiwan once as a Great Kingdom of Harvest in history. With our wide ranges of scientific net shading, HunkunNET, we ensure all plants to be well-nourished throughout all four seasons, and to bring out the Utopia of crops, eternal vital energy, and great financial benefits for the local farmers. Each of us in HUN-KUN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. remembers and appreciates with Mr. Kuo's great virtue and gentle kindness as he has established this company from nothing to everything which also brings out the fundamental of our service, our attitude, our products, our people, and our land. His blessing is well to cover the whole universe.

Logo of HunkunNET

HunkunNET - "the Net Expert of Transcendence"
The logo of HK letters come from the prefix of both "Hun" and "Kun" , which also individually represents the pattern of our products - plain weaving and knitting. The symbolism gives (S)un(S)un→(H)un(K)un where (H)un (K)un block the two (S)uns. No matter of double sunrays or triple sunrays, net shading of Hun-Kun can perfectly adjust the light intensity and brightness for all types of crops and plants that we can turn difficulties to be successful glories, make impossibilities to be possibilities. On the other hand, we will always remember that our company was established on the base of all living creatures in this universe, with a heart of appreciation. As in the beginning of Qian, Kun, Tai Chi was the ONE with all, which teaches us the gratitude of where we come from, in memory of founder, Mr. Hun-Kun Kuo for his great success and accomplishment that benefits all.

The brand of HunkunNET has been standing still like a great wall in the past 46 years. Where will it go next?

Where will it go next?

Based on the glorious success in the past 46 years, we will continue to strive toward founder's macro visions with further innovation and improvement to bring out more development of new technology on the products.

Last but not least, with our ambition and determination of keeping the business moving on and forward, HunkunNET surely will become the best in the market.

President of HunkunNET,
Wei-Hsiang Terence Kuo, 2020.

In 1974, our late father Mr. Hun-Kun Kuo established HUN-KUN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. At the beginning, the traditional machinery was used to produce fishing net strings, eel fry nets, lounge chair cloth, baby carriage cloth, handicraft strings for domestic market and export to overseas markets. In order to integrate with world market, Chairman Kuo had foresight and vision in mind and in action to stand on the world stage. In early 1970 years HUN-KUN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. was the first pioneering company to import automatic machinery from Switzerland with largest size for weaving plastic netting, with use of specialized technology development to produce weaving plastic nets which were different from other manufacturers who were still using traditional machinery for production. Courage and Insight were two of Founder Chairman Mr. Hun-Kun Kuo characters which made Hun-kun Enterprise become a leading company with high quality, advanced technology and innovation in the market at that time. The outstanding performance had made everyone pay high attention to HUN-KUN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. This was the first step for the brand of Sanguan to be well known in Taiwan.

Founder Chairman Mr. Hun-Kun Kuo had been in the positions as the managing director of USI corporation, the executive director of Taiwan Plastic Industry Association, the managing director of Asia Pacific Bank, and the managing director of Fu Hua Bank. He was always a caring, open minded, honesty and reliable person whereas the neighborhoods all paid their respect to him. He would have never resented even though in a most difficult time. He would simply just utilized his own sourcs and solutions to overcome the difficulties. This is why he was always blessed by God. On one special occasion, during the opening year of Chinese Baseball Team Third Grade World Games, Taiwan won the championship for teenager baseball league, Junior baseball league,and senior baseball league, and that was when Taiwan was called and honored with the name as Triple Crown King. Because of these big events, the whole world started noticing Taiwan. This inspired founder to build up HUN-KUN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.'s brand HunkunNET into business blueprint and ambitious. The chairman thought that we should go on our own way and do our best. He was a great man with wisdom and always acted as examples with high standard. This is what a promising person shall be. With great vision, he expected HUN-KUN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. to achieve goals of "Champion in Quality" , "Champion in Technology" and "Champion in Innovation", and hence, he chose "Sanguan" (Triple Crown) for the brand name, and made "Sanguan" (Triple Crown) to be our target and belief.

Due to God's blessing with lots of effort, with courage and wisdom from extraordinary personality of Entrepreneur Mr. Hun-Kun Kuo, after Sanguan (Triple Crown) brand became famous later, he started to develop shading net for mushroom plant house. At that time, mushroom plant house was used bamboo for shading. Due to plastic net is better than bamboo and more durable with longer lifetime, almost every mushroom farmer followed and switched using plastic net. Moreover, news spread fast among the farmers which soon caused a dramatically increased demand for supply afterwards. This was the legend of how HUN-KUN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.'s Sanguan (Triple Crown) brand moved into second stage.

In recent years, HUN-KUN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. has been developing one after another products gradually, such as sticky pleated netting , knitted netting, energy saving cloth and orchid netting for horticulture conservation etc. , for uses on high economic value crops. It then had promoted the orchid quality and export competitiveness. As a result, Taiwan became famous with good reputation as an orchid kingdom. With this great honor, HUN-KUN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. also laid the foundation for Brand Sanguan (Triple Crown) to be more famous and well known.

Furthermore, we moved forward into diversified directions of development from agriculture to forestry, fishery, animal husbandry and construction industry. As people said, whoever has the doctor qualification certificated than he should be a doctor, whoever got the champion trophy then he should be a champion. Up to date, HUN-KUN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. can stand still with timelessness, because the core value of Brand is a very important index and accordance with to achieve goals. The Sanguan brand (Triple Crown) made benefit to thousands of people. Brand well deserved.

*Remark: Sanguan Brand (Triple Crown) is introduced and published in the book of The Story of Taiwan's Top 100 Brand Volume.9
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