Diversified Applications of Product
HunkunNET – the brand, is used in field for agriculture, forestry, fishery, animal husbandry, leisure, construction, flowers, vegetables, fruits, etc.
HunkunNET Contribution for Taiwan
Formosa-Agriculture Kingdom

Agriculture has been a major farming industry that has provided food to us in a long human history. Taiwan was once called Formosa and well known as a Giant Kingdom of Agriculture. Technology in Taiwan has been continuously improved, such as invention of machine, development of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Taiwan had the most with large variety of products in the farming industry history.
With Global Warming

Nowadays, global warming is becoming a global issue. It is getting serious day by day. In the past 50 years, the average temperature at night in Taiwan has increased by 2 degrees, and the average of world temperature is increased by 0.7 degrees. Why the average temperature at night is important? Because for each degree of night temperature increases, the output of agricultural products will be reduced by 10%. The whole industry here is facing severe challenges from global warming. Either unbalanced or unusual temperature, amount, duration or timing of rain and sunlight. Abnormal weather in different seasons is always happening. Global warming is just like a cancer to our agriculture industry global wide. Therefore, there have been more and more people going into researches and technical developing for better solution.

Stable Quality, Safety Guarantee

In last decades, vegetables and flowers even can be produced endlessly through factory operations by updated technology. By using Net Room, HunkunNET, it does not just provide a stable supply in quality and quantity but also safety of all growth of agricultural products, control safe amount of chemicals used, virus or disease pass from insects, animals etc, even later in organic farming. Those are what HunkunNET is supporting to our industry since 1974 till now.
Adapt to A Healthy Diet , Develop Weed Control Mat

Years ago, The Health Taiwan promoted various dietary plans for people to value their own diet more. To eat food in various color whereas "Red, orange, green, purple blue and white are main five colors daily in food which can bring most of our healthy well-being" - The Health Taiwan. Followed by this promotion, our company also designed one of our brand Sanguan (Triple Crown) in milky color and black of weed control mat to avoid weeds' growth. More than it, this net could also use sunlight through reflection for vegetables and fruits to grow in more symmetrical, nutrient richer color. Prettier for selling, healthier in rich nutrition and safer to eat. Either sellers or buyers can benefit from the win-win advantage. It even benefits to our land, and this can be triple wins - Triple Crown, triple-win, HunkunNET.
The Plant Factory - Future agricultural Production System- HunkunNET

In recent years, scientists have been working hard to develop the plant factory. It is a facility which uses the shade net to block sunlight to grow three-dimensional cultivation of crops. To use HunkunNET is an natural anti-insect and anti-pests method without using chemicals. At same time, the high breathability and water permeability of HunkunNET could make it become unbreakable to raging storms, typhoons, heavy rainfalls. It is also anti-fog, anti-dripping, anti-hail from its advanced multiple functionalities. For the point of inhibition of unwanted plants, weeds' growth, exclusive on specialization in dibbling (Xue Zhi) net that could maximize efficiency of land using. HunkunNET, energy saving cloth and inside-shading-net are benefitial to green housing, Net Room farming with high ability for technical control and balance. This is high-value agricultural production system which will indeed become even more popular in the future. It is special for planting sprouts, leafy vegetables, various mushrooms and flowers which are highly-valued economical crops. This will lift up our agricultural industry and family of each local farmers. There are three types of the Plant Factory. 1, Full Sunlight Plant Factory. 2, Bi-light source Plant Factory. 3, Completely artificial light source Plant Factory.

Sunlight Plant Factory

Full Sunlight Plant Factory, we also call it green house in glass or plastic fabric. Because sunlight is the only light source to Full Sunlight Pant Factory, therefore, how to maximize its effectiveness of crops out of growth is main task. Beside, farmers also have to prevent over heat their growth rate inside the greenhouse during summer time. Windows open to sky through roof is necessary. One Triple Crown (of HunkunNET) to cover on Full Sunlight Plant Factory can reduce 2 degree off from the indoor temperature.

Bi-light Source Plant Factory

In Bi-light source Plant Factory, as name, this Plant Factory use natural sunlight and artificial light source as well. Bi- light source Plant Factory use sunlight during day time for light source to growth, at same time, it stores sunlight energy for emergency use purpose into environmental control system in factory.

Completely Artificial Light Source plant Factory

Completely artificial light source plant factory combines all machine and technology for auto-robotic system to operate and monitor for plant's growth, even from seeding, till last step of packing. It fully blocks light and heat from outdoor with special heat-block architectural materials, painting indoor is often in white color to reflect light energy. Even sides of light or shelves it is able to reflect light energy to enhance the light effects to plant growth. It creates a perfect controlled environment. Factors of growth are all under controls, such as temperature, lights-source energy and humidity etc. It brings stable growths and more effective on schedule to each farming company and industry. In completely artificial light source plant Factory, for those growth that need photosynthesis most and longer, due to energy saving reason, now today, most of factory will move them to other two types of factories after they sprouted in large amount in completely artificial light source plant factory. Therefore, most important task to completely artificial light source plant factory is how to reduce cost and power of using artificial light-energy and maximize its energy supplies to maximum of growth. Second task is temperature controlling. Our scientifically-intelligent product Triple Crown, HunkunNET can doubly reserve the energy for warming, longer indoor use as well, and not just block sunlight to reduce temperature for outdoor farming or Full Sunlight Factory. Our double layers of HunkunNET plastic fabric can be also used with three layers energy-saving cloth to enhance Controlled Factory function. In fact, here is the example we are now talking about to use five-layered brand Sanguan HunkunNET in total to do external and internal temperature control and energy saving at same time.

Plant Factory – The New 3C Factory
The Plant Factory is also called the new 3C industry - Clean (cleanness), Clear (transparent), Cool (certification of origin).

Clean (cleanness): guarantee of clean and safe process of production, either internal to factory itself or external to our environment. Clear (transparent): process of production is transparent for third party to supervise. Cool (certification of origin): value the production with certificated label of origin. The Plant Factory will soon bring up high-value organic crops with efficient production system; also achieve environmental care of saving more water, energy and land; as well as the carbon reduction and waste reduction are gradually being implemented.

Overview of the evolution of Taiwan's agriculture is also the development history of HukunNET, our company. We strongly believe that people here, us either in academic studies, researches or industrial fields all have strong strength and foundation to promote Taiwan's new 3C industry to worldwide globally. We will continually contribute maximum of ourselves to our nature, people, lands for a better living, care of our mother earth. As Hun-Kun, founder's visions, we care focus on Quality, Technology and Innovation.