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Professional Plastic Netting Manufactring

HUN-KUN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. was founded by chairman Mr. Hun-Kun Kuo in 1974. We are a manufacturer specializing in various types of nets, such as agricultural, horticultural, construction and leisure plastic nets. The shading net product was once the forerunning trend in Taiwan. By adopting one-stop production, strict quality control, and innovative research and development, we have obtained many patent certifications for decades, and have been favored and recognized by the customers. As a result, HUN-KUN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. has become the leading company in plastic textile industry.


Since the company was established, we have taken continuously sustainable development as a guideline, and have also invested significantly in introducing the advanced machinery and equipment from Europe, the United States, Japan and other advancing countries, as we as carefully choose new raw materials to ensure product quality along with HUN-KUN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.'s good brand image and reputation.


Over the years, our products have been innovated through continuous research and developments, such as folding screen nets, knitted nets, ribbed shading nets, functional insect nets, weed control mats, round flat yarn interwoven leisure nets, multicolour hanging nets, and hanging nets with ear loop. Our products are widely used in agriculture, forestry, fishery and animal husbandry, etc.

Professional Plastic Netting Manufacturer|HunkunNET Taiwan
Business Philosophy|Agricultural Net Supplier|HunkunNET Taiwan

Business Philosophy

Practicality / the philosophy we have believed

Innovation / the goal we have striven for excellence

Sustainability / the direction we have driven in

Core Value|Agricultural Net Supplier|HunkunNET Taiwan

Core Value

We always uphold the spirit of" original intention of drinking water, seeking truth from facts, quality first, reputation priority, innovation, driving improvement, upgrading, harmony and unity, conformity to assimilation, courtesy, gratitude ", and make unremitting efforts with a long-term view to the industry development.

Technoligy R&D|Agricultural Net Supplier|HunkunNET Taiwan

Technology R & D

In order to provide products with the best quality, the company adopts machinery and equipment from local top manufacturers or from advancing countries. It has also obtained the technical assistance of research and development from National Industrial Research Institute and also from Japan industry's joint research and development strategic alliance. In a matter of fact, to meet customer's demand and satisfaction is the policy of company.

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